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Catherine Slayden is the Eloqua Admin for Global IT at Medtronic, a medical device company that is saving lives every two seconds. Catherine shares her experience when it comes to creating a more streamlined training process for Medtronic’s global user base. Prior to this, Catherine was spending over six hours on training tasks a day and it became challenging to manage some of her core work responsibilities. Through this process, Catherine has freed up a lot of her time and she shares some of her key insights on this week’s episode.

Tune in and Get Inspired:

  • Utilizing a education background to develop a 2-tier training program
    • Bringing in an outside agency (us!) to help develop a Functional Training program to teach the basics
    • Medtronic Standards training programing on their brand standards, governance requirements and other regulations
  • Streamlining a process makes life easier for trainees and take parts of training off her place
  • Benefits of real-time cohort training has helped trainees move down the path quicker


Key Takeaways:

[:45] A little bit about Katherine and what she does at Medtronic.
[2:50] Katherine is using five instances of Eloqua to manage all of Medtronic’s business and global regions.
[4:40] With such a small global IT team, and such a large user base, how does Katherine best manage Eloqua access and training?
[9:15] Demand for Eloqua was growing and it was difficult for Katherine to handle on her own. She was spending at least six hours a day just on training.
[11:45] What does the training process look like now?
[16:55] Katherine is so excited about how much time she has gotten back in this more streamlined process.
[19:00] Because of this extra freed time, Medtronic can offer live cohort training. Before, they were only able to offer on-demand training due to limited resources.
[22:10] At the end of the day, it’s all about personalization and relevance.
[22:40] What’s next for Katherine and Medtronic?
[27:10] What inspires Katherine?

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