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IBC Tote Mixer Improves Mixing Speed and Consistency in Poly IBC Tote Tanks

Aug 12

The IBC Tote Mixers helps growers, ag retailers and chemical wholesalers perform safe mixing processes inside poly IBC tote tanks (also known as Schutz style totes). The tote mixer mounts directly through the tank's lid opening and requires no extra brackets or auxiliary attach points. This portable IBC agitator is lightweight enough to lift in and out of the tote with ease and is simple enough for one person to operate.

This sanitary tote mixer uses clean compressed air or gas to pulse in bursts of high-pressured air into the IBC tote tank's liquid level. The fast-mixing process creates huge, flat air bubbles that quickly mix and blend liquids. Heavier liquids are forced up to the surface for immediate vertical circular agitation while lighter liquids get a quick aeration from all directions. The result is an even and thorough mix that agitates the entire tank's contents in minutes.

IBC tote mixers are ideal for industrial chemistry, horticulture, farming, aquaponics and other unique applications where intermediate bulk containers are used. IBCs are stackable, pallet mounted, industrial-grade reusable containers that hold liquids, dry materials and other bulk products. They have a large volume capacity that sits between the larger capacities of tanks and drums.

Pulsair's IBC tote mixers can be used in a wide range of liquid applications including food, water and chemicals. They can be safely used with corrosive liquids, biopharmaceuticals and other hazardous products because they are non-mechanical and require no electric power. The IBC tote agitators are also sanitary and safe for food-grade liquids because they use clean, compressed air or gas.

The patented design of this IBC mixer provides fast and efficient mixing in any size tote tank. The mixer's stainless steel mixing probe is inserted into the tote tank lid bung hole, then compressed air or gas is rapidly pumped through the probe. The rapid pulses of high-pressured air in the IBC tote tank aerate the liquids and mix the product in minutes.

In addition to improving the speed and consistency of a tote agitator, this method of IBC mixing can help shorten a tote heater's time-to-temperature by reducing the amount of heat lost into the liquid during mixing. This is especially important for flammable or toxic materials that need to be heated in a timely manner.

The Even Mix IBC Tote Mixer features a collapsible mixing impeller that folds down to fit through the tote's 6" top opening. The IBC tote mixer then expands to its full diameter for aeration and mixing. This IBC agitator's mixed flow blade design eliminates product clumping and ensures an even distribution of the tote's contents in minutes. It is easy to move this IBC agitator from tote to tote and is powerful enough to handle even the most viscous of liquids.

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