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The Best-Rated NYC Couples Therapy Retreat Center

Dec 27

Are you looking for a lasting solution to fix your marriage or relationship? If yes, An Affair Of The Heart can help you. We are the leading Marriage Therapy Retreats center helping couples with unending issues and conflicts. We have a highly trained and experienced team of therapists led by Ross Hackerson. The team works together to help couples address marital issues and rebuild their connections. We have built an excellent reputation over the years, and many couples from different parts of the world come to us for help. You can come to our retreats if you have the following issues.

Contemplating Divorce or Separation

Marriage life is not easy. You can do many things and put more effort into keeping the relationship going. However, there comes a time when you feel like you can't fight for it anymore. You start thinking about getting a divorce. But we tell you that divorce or separation is not the best option. You should come to our Relationship Therapy Retreats, and we will help you address the core issues damaging your relationship. We will also equip you with the skills to address issues that may come your way in the future.

Problems with Sexual Intimacy

You may have sexual intimacy issues due to poor communication, unhealed wounds, lack of respect, and lack of commitment to the relationship. But you can reestablish the connection and trust so you can enjoy the marital life. During the Couples Therapy Retreats, our team will enlighten you on how to rekindle your love and enjoy your relationship like newlyweds. The team will also help you choose new hobbies that will bring you closer to each other, making it easy to rebuild the connection between the two of you and reinforce the foundation of the relationship.

Going Through an Affair

If you or your partner cheated, you need professional Intensive Marriage Retreats to help you go through the whole thing. Cheating is a betrayal and can throw your relationship into turmoil. It will be challenging to rebuild trust and connection between the two of you. But don't worry, our therapists will help. So if you are going through an affair and want to rebuild the relationship, come to our Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats. Our team will help you process the whole incident and leave it behind. We will then use our expertise to help you trust and love again. By the time you leave our retreat center, you will be on good terms and determined to make the relationship even better. 

 An Affair Of The Heart

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