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Dec 4

Several issues might lead to your marriage facing challenges that could lead to its ending. Some of the issues include having an affair which leads to the loss of trust and love that ultimately turns into a loss of vision for the marriage. The issues make the marriage seem like a waste of time and emotions, leading you to seek other alternatives, like having a divorce. However, An Affair of The Heart has the solution to save your marriage through Couples Therapy whose overall result is a renewed vision of the marriage. Our expertly trained therapists guide you throughout the retreat, a five-day program that leads to healing marriage wounds. 

How do I regain intimacy in my marriage?

Over time in a marriage, intimacy might get lost primarily due to lost communication and unhealed old wounds. The loss of physical attraction results from being emotionally and sexually distant, making both of you not have a physical connection. The Marriage Retreat works on the emotional and sexual challenges that cause the separation, ultimately leading to a return of the sexual connection that you once had with your partner. 

How do we handle future issues after the retreat? 

Solving past and current issues gives you a renewed energy and vision for the relationship, making you put in all the effort to have it last. However, it is not an assurance that there won't be future issues that will test the marriage. At An Affair of The Heart, our Couples Counseling Retreat equips you with the right tools to effectively handle the challenges that come up in the future, thereby preventing them from making your marriage unstable again. 

How do I save my marriage from empty nest syndrome? 

Empty nest syndrome occurs when both of you are so busy with work, bills, and responsibilities that you can't have time for each other—the resultant effects of staying like roommates rather than as couples. The NYC Marriage Counseling enables you to establish why you got married, rekindling the love and affection and eliminating the empty nest syndrome. 

How do I improve my marriage? 

To make your marriage work, there are basics, such as making time for your partner and listening to their grievances to make them happy. Call us today to get our Relationship Retreats and save your marriage from a possible divorce. 

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