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An Affair of the Heart Couples Retreat: Day Three

Jul 27

When you enroll in An Affair of the Heart’s Couples Counseling in Boston MA, your third day of the program will involve understanding your trust and vulnerability. Our experts do so by helping you become more responsive and open about most, if not all, aspects of your relationship. This session is critical as it aims to find a deeper understanding of how fragile a partner can be, their open opinion on the relationship, and how well couples trust each other, especially if trauma is involved. The day three program is done in four sessions.

Three-Hour Couples Session

The three-hour couples session on day three builds from the second day’s Couples Therapy Retreat session. After establishing comfort, the couple will focus on their interaction and engagement styles. Partners are generally at the edge of showcasing their cycle, disconnections, emotional truth, fears, and behavioral drivers. Our experts take up the task of drawing your worries, needs, and wants by experimenting with your ongoing sense of trust. We let you express your thoughts and experience to your partner and get to learn and understand how it impacts them. We also help you secure a base of action for your marriage or relationship. This Marriage Retreat forms a fundamental basis for couples getting to understand each other’s feelings, needs, and boundaries. 

Lunch break

During the lunch break, Marriage Retreats experts continue to process and investigate the traumas from the couple’s personal and family history. Conclusions drawn from this session will drive the afternoon session, where the coaches will proceed to target “driven’ behaviors. 

Individual Partner Sessions

The individual partner sessions are critical and are scheduled to last at least an hour for every partner. The coaches focus on understanding each couple’s behavior and what drives them to behave the way they do in their relationship. This helps us get a clear picture of your ‘doings’ in the relationship and the reasons behind them Marriage Retreats. 

Couples Session

This session sums up the day’s Relationship Retreat that focused on understanding a couple’s trust and vulnerability levels. The coach integrates and makes sense of every partner’s personal and interpersonal cycles. This is done slowly and carefully before integrating it emotionally. 

Wrap up

Day three at An Affair of the heart forms a fundamental basis for getting emotions and personal feelings expressed by couples. This is done by focusing on their trust level as well as how vulnerable they can be. 

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