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Couples Retreat Company in Northampton, MA: What to Look for in a Couples Retreat

Jul 26

There are a number of couples counseling retreat centers across the United States. When selecting one, it is essential to dig into a couple of guidelines that will help you settle for a retreat center that will meet your needs. One of the renowned NYC Couples Therapy centers is An Affair of the Heart, which has grown to establish itself as one of the top centers to visit when your relationship is at a low. Here are a few guidelines to help you settle on a reputable couple retreat center.

Proven Methods

When sourcing for a couples retreat center, consider getting one that uses proven methods. Proven methods are often backed up by scientific research. Strategies backed up by scientific research ensure that they are effective when used by couples. At An Affair of the Heart, we pride ourselves in using proven methods in every Marriage Retreat to help restore damaged relationships.

Experienced Coaches and Therapists

When looking for a Couples Retreat Center, get one with experienced therapists who have handled couples relationships for a long time. Their experience is key in identifying the underlying issues in relationships and channeling suitable methods to resolve them. An Affair of the Heart features well-trained and vastly experienced coaches and therapists such as Ross Hackerson, that has handled couples for over forty years. Such experience is critical in the provision of sound guidance during the Couples Counseling Retreat without overlooking any issue or solution. 

Safe Locations

Safe locations are critical when seeking a couples retreat center. Feeling comfortable before you can open up about your relationship would be best. Therefore, any couples retreat center should focus on making a client’s emotional and physical environment comfortable and safe before starting a session. For instance, An Affair of the Heart has private locations in downtown Northampton that are secure, fully furnished, and private. We also offer quality online Nyc Marriage Counseling via Zoom, allowing clients to find comfort at their residence, away from interruption.

An Affair of the Heart is Up to Task

Couples Therapy NYC Affair of the Heart takes pride in having the needs of its clients in mind and at heart. We have all the required facilities and programs to help couples beat negativity and rebuild themselves. Our locations are comfortable, our programs effective, and our prices within reason. Choosing us is one step closer to having a healthy relationship.

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