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How to Make Winning Branded Yoga Mats With Your Logo

Jul 13

How to Make Winning Branded Yoga Mats With Your Logo

You're a owner trying to advertise your yoga business with a group of yogis who are enthusiastic? You've tried many different methods to promote your company, and achieved some results however, have you thought about creating your own printed yoga mats? Making yoga mats printed featuring your logo or slogan is a great strategy to draw more targeted customers to your company. Many businesses large and small they are making customized yoga mats that show impressive outcomes. Continue reading to discuss the important things you need to know about printing yoga mats.

1. Screen Printed Yoga Mats aka Digital Print 

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of yoga mats printed with a design is the method of placing the design onto the mat. The most commonly used methods include screen printing as well as digital printing. Screen printing is the most common method of putting any image to a yoga mat as it's quick and affordable. Screen printing is a great option for effective results. you'll need only the desired image you'd like to display on your mat. If you've got the yoga mat as well as an image, you're prepared to transfer the image onto your yoga mat. Screen printing is the process which uses high temperatures to transfer the design onto the mat. It's a rapid method of creating yoga mats printed with your logo however you're limited because it's not ideal for making intricate images. If you're looking to print your logo or small text on your yoga mat and save costs Screen printing might be the best option for you. If you're looking to further delve into details and produce stunning and precise yoga mats the process of digital printing is certainly the method to consider. By using this method, you're in a position to print directly the desired image on the mat with the help of robust printers. This is more costly however the final product is much better and clearer. The best printing technique is largely dependent on the goals you have in mind. If you're seeking to market your business or brand screen printing could be the most effective method. If you're trying to establish your business as a manufacturer of innovative and vibrant yoga mats, then think about investing more in yoga mats that are digitally printed.

2. Knowing your clients

Prior to starting any business, you must know all the details about the ideal customer. For instance, do your customers yoga experts or are they beginners? What type of yoga do they prefer? Do they require extra motivation? The first step is to determine the person you would like to be your ideal customer and, in the best case scenario, develop an ideal client. This way you'll be able find the ideal yoga mat that meets the requirements of your clients. Knowing what kind of yoga that your potential customer would like to practice is crucial as you'll need to choose the best yoga mat to print. For instance, if your clients are avid travelers, then you must think about printing on yoga mats with 2mm as they are slim lightweight and extremely mobile. However when your clients combine the practice of pilates and yoga and pilates, then printing on a 12mm yoga mats would be the best option. Knowing what your customers want will help you gain an edge in creating the top-quality yoga mat.


3. Go With Eco-Friendly Materials

There are now too many choices regarding the material used in the production of yoga mats. The most commonly used material is PVC as well as rubber. We recommend you choose materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable in order to avoid synthetic and expensive products. A majority of yoga instructors are committed to environmental sustainability and a green base will definitely help. The right choice of material will make it less slippery on the yoga mat that makes the exercise more enjoyable and more comfortable.

4. Freedom to Design Printed Yoga Mats

The freedom to design your personal design is an excellent option to provide to your customers as not everyone would like the pre-made designs. We provide an graphic design tool that lets you create your personal design. You can add the image along with text and switch colors and view the changes in real time. If you're not happy with the design you've created it's possible to request our professional designers to design some examples for you (free at no cost). Should you need to ask any concerns about printing yoga mats, please feel free to contact us via email or contact us via live chat.