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A Trustworthy Couples Therapy Retreat Center 

Apr 21

When your marriage is in crisis, pulling yourself out of the situation can be overwhelming. Your conversations and decisions might be clouded with anger and frustrations that only worsen. However, seeking professional help will allow you to make amicable decisions in a hassle-free way. A Relationship Retreat at An Affair Of The Heart is the best way to work on your relationship with a therapist who guides you through the sessions. You can rely on our center for quality results because:

We Specialize in Couples Therapy

The best thing about An Affair Of The Heart is that we focus on couples Therapy Retreats. We have worked with hundreds of couples, and we believe we’ll provide the tools you need to salvage your marriage. We also understand the things that cause relationship problems, so we tailor scientifically proven techniques to find the best solutions.

We Do Not Take Sides

In most instances, you cannot find solutions to your Couples Retreats problems because you always blame your partner or only look for ways that work best for you. Some therapists also support one partner, which counters the productivity of counseling sessions. At An Affair Of The Heart, we work on a “we” basis. We listen to you and your partner and focus on the things that serve the good of your marriage.

We Understand the Importance of Time Intensity

When seeking professional help, your marriage is at the edge, and you need to find the best solutions within the shortest time possible. We use our extensive experience and provide undivided attention to help you learn everything in three to five days. We optimize our Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats sessions to help you learn in the most effective ways and ensure you digest everything. In addition, we encourage you to invest your time and effort in the sessions to avoid unnecessary delays.

We Are Honest About Our Pricing Details

 Attending  Couples Retreat NY is a premium investment, but it is important to understand what you are paying for. During the initial consultation, our therapists will listen to your needs and give you our pricing. Our rates depend on how you want your sessions, either full-day or half-day. Our services are also fairly priced to suit different budgets. The best thing is that our rates are lower than those in weekly therapies. You’ll also have undivided attention for faster and better quality results.


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