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How Healthy Vagina Appearance?

Dec 26

Vagina is female reproductive organ plays an important role in having sex, removing urine, menstrual blood, and giving birth. Hence, keeping the vagina in order to stay healthy is something that every woman must do. Here are the characteristics of a healthy vagina.

Characteristics of a Healthy Vagina

Vagina in healthy condition, light pink in color. Vagina walls are not thick and too thin to see with the naked eye. Vaginal secretions should be non-smelly and clear. Vagina is wide opened when a woman feels sexually aroused stimulation. Vaginal opening has a size that can accommodate one or two fingers up. Vagina between vagina opening and clitoris has a size of an acorn. Vaginal walls will be closed when there is no sexual arousal. Vagina walls are tight, so it cannot easily accommodate the penis during sex penetration.

Vagina in healthy condition, should not cause any unpleasant smell. Vagina cleanliness can also be seen from the whiteness of the discharge. Vaginal discharge is a fluid that comes out of the vagina, it serves to clean and protect the vagina. Vagina discharge will increase when the woman is sexually aroused or during ovulation. Vagina discharge in healthy condition, is clear and has a thin texture. The amount of vaginal discharge also can vary from one woman to another. Vaginal discharge also has a characteristic of being easily absorbed by panties or panties.

Vaginal secretions are produced continuously, so it is not abnormal if the woman always feels discharge secretion from his vagina. Vaginal secretions can come out of the vagina even without sexual stimulation. Vaginal secretions coming out of the vagina can be felt when the woman is sexually aroused. Vaginal secretions are not only come out when the women feel sexually aroused, some women may experience vaginal discharge without sexual stimulation.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge in this case does not pose any danger to the woman's health. Vaginal infection occurs when there is an abnormal vaginal discharge that contains harmful bacteria or fungi, which makes the vagina become itchy, smelly, and cause pain when urinating. Vaginal infection can be cured by taking antibiotics and following the doctor's advice. If the woman experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, then it is necessary to see a doctor to determine whether or not she has a vaginal infection.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the vagina is important so as not to cause infection. Vaginal care can be done by avoiding wearing tight clothes and pants, use underwear that still has a good condition, but also regularly cleaned. Vagina cleaning with soap or vaginal wash is also a practice that should be done regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the vagina. Vaginal hygiene practices will help keep the vagina healthy and free from infection.

In conclusion, a healthy vagina has certain characteristics that every woman should know. It is important for every woman to be able to identify the signs of a healthy vagina, in order to maintain its good condition. Vaginal care is something that every woman must do in order to keep her vagina healthy. Vaginal care also does not hurt because it only requires the basic practices that every woman can do. Vagina should always be clean, free of unpleasant smell and never pulsating.