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Are you spending too much time on practice operations and less time on patient care?

Dec 24

It is straightforward to connect with people in this global era of technology and social media. With social media worldwide, there is no hurdle for patients and doctors to interact or connect without wasting any time. The majority of the people spend most of their time with innovative technology such as mobile phones, tablets and other devices. 

Some patients are not satisfied with the online check-ups; they are more comfortable with physical check-ups. In these physical and face to face meetings, engagement with your patients is a must. It is a great idea, but it is a tough job for physicians to handle all things at a time. It is less time consuming, and it is also comfortable for patients. In-house medical Billing and coding, it is hard for doctors and medical staff to see all the scheduled appointments one day. So, there is no time for patient engagement. 

What is Patient Engagement?


Patient engagement is a patient-focused initiative in which the patient is also involved in all the medical care practices and health-related activities. Both doctors, medical teams, and patients work together to maintain their wellness. It includes all kinds of healthcare activities from the patient’s initial check-in through online patient portals to the end of the treatment with diagnosis details on electronic softwares to monitor the health activities.  

Why is Patient Engagement Important?

With the rapid increase of the healthcare landscape, patient engagement has become an essential part of medical billing services. It is also in the U.S law to engage the patients in the medicare industry for better results. There are certain areas of Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology which consists of histories of the patients, and the following points need to consider:

  • Security risk analysis
  • E-prescription
  • Provide patient information
  • Send a summary of healthcare services
  • Request/accept an overview of healthcare services

Patient care is the diagnosis, prevention, treatment. Healthcare management is the management of illnesses such as physical and mental well-being through services offered by health professionals. Providing patient information to the healthcare units increases patient engagement, improves health, and increases transparency in the documentation. 

Here are five ideas to consider for engaging your patients:

Patient Comfort

Patient’s comfort is the goal of every good medical centre. If the patients are comfortable after your medical treatment and satisfied with your services, they will recommend you to their friends and family. They will share their good experience with your healthcare with them.  

You can place various magazines in the waiting area so people can read those while waiting. Something good to read makes a good impression of the institution. You might provide some food or drinks like water, tea or coffee for a good impression which goes a little further! Moreover, you can add the WIFI and television as these are mandatory for upcoming generations because you are not living in the stone age. It is the modern era for new generations. 

Patient Education

There should be pamphlets and brochures that create awareness and educate the patients regarding their health issues in good institutions. These newspapers, pamphlets, handouts, flyers can include hygienic topics and how to take care of yourself. Additionally, topics like how to protect themselves from upcoming diseases etc. Patients will stay busy while reading them, and they can also divert their minds. It will also remind them which precautionary measures they should take in the future to deal with specific conditions. 

There are some examples which can also follow: 

You might provide reminders of skin-related issues like sun damage along with their problem/solutions.  

  • You could provide information on the risks of taking insulin for diabetic patients.
  • This information and knowledge will change their minds, and as well as it will change their perspective towards specific health issues.  
  • It will make the patients proactive in their behaviour.

Patient Information

Patient information should upgrade with time; it benefits your promotional packages and healthcare records. Suppose the patient left the office after you submitted the claim that was not updated and incorrect. It will create a problem because people can change their numbers. It is beneficial to update the patient information such as name, address, contact number, Email ID and insurance details. You can review and ask for the details for confirmation while patients are waiting for their turn.  

Patient Feedback

Feedback can be positive and negative, but you have to be ready for criticism as well. Patients can give a favourable comment about your healthcare services and negative as well. You can fill out a survey and a form. Also, you can allow them to drop their suggestions in the suggestion box. Some doctors and staff cannot handle the criticism, but people should be ready for positive or negative feedback. If there is any problem, an unresponsive doctor and impatient staff will disappear instead of handling those problems. 

Patient Questions

Patients can be confused about their medical billing issues or any other issues. They might need your help; if they have any ambiguity, you might help them out. They can ask the following questions:

  • Questions about outstanding balances
  • Financial help 
  • HSAs (tax-deductible health savings accounts)
  • Treatment plan schedule

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

There are many benefits of outsourcing medical Billing and coding. It will improve patient engagement and revenue reimbursements. If you have not tried to outsource your Medical Billing or coding, try it now. Outsourcing your medical company will improve practice management and patient engagement as well. The most important is that your reimbursements will improve, which leads to an increase in your bottom line.

Here are some more benefits:

  • Reduced diagnosis and treatment costs
  • Selective surgeries
  • Patients should follow the prescribed treatments by the doctors
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase patient engagement
  • A better understanding of patients and knowledge of their health
  • Patients health behaviour changes in a positive way
  • The transparency that leads to a higher level of trust in patients

Outsource your medical billing duties

Many medical practices do their medical Billing and medical coding by their staff members. They don’t have proper time for patient engagement and keep patients proactive about their health issues. Choosing a professional medical billing company and coding your patients gets more satisfied and practice management. It will improve patient management, and With the slightest effort, your medical healthcare can improve the experience of your medical practice and leadership. It will increase revenue reimbursements as well. 

Furthermore, professional medical billing and medical coding can help the medical practices grow more in a better way that is more focused, helpful, and successful. Additionally, it will help more in profits and patient retention. 

Final Verdict!

Indeed, not every healthcare system is our grandfather’s healthcare system. But just as a humanity and close relationship with the patients, optimum care should be the utmost priority. The new technologies and practices take advantage of the patients and the management. They are very costly, and they do not care about medical Billing professionally. UControl Billing is the most affordable and less pricey. It is one of the best medical billing companies, and they outsource medical billing services as well. You can contact them if you want any medical billing services.